6 Ways to Come Up With Awesome Mobile App Ideas

You don’t have to be a professor of computer science or a technical wizard to think of a successful mobile app idea. On the contrary, all you need to do is figure out the right combination of what people want, what people need, and what’s possible with today’s mobile technology to come up with something [...]

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Agile vs. Waterfall: A Look at Different Mobile Software Development Methodologies

When it comes to developing mobile software, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all developmental process that will fit every single project. Different types of mobile apps can have a wild variety of features and requirements that will influence the organization and direction of the workflow it takes to create them. However, there are two major methodologies that [...]

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New Marketing Packages Available from FBombMedia

There’s much more to creating a successful mobile app than just coming up with a good idea. Even a flashy icon and a clever brand name only go so far. To be truly successful, your app needs to stand out from the crowd and attract people’s attention. And, once you have their attention, you need [...]

Quick Recap of Yesterday’s Apple ‘Spring Forward’ Event

If you’re a fan of Apple’s devices, and you didn’t catch yesterday’s event, you missed out on some exciting announcements concerning AppleTV, HBO Now, the new MacBook, and of course, the Apple Watch. However, rather than making you scour through all the popular tech websites to gather all the juicy details, we’ve collected all the [...]

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iOS or Android? Why Not Both?

When it comes to your mobile app, should you concentrate on iOS or Android development? After you’ve completed drawing up the plans for your app, you might have difficulty deciding which platform you’d like it to be developed for. Typically, you’ll want to choose from the big two, since they currently make up 96 percent [...]

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Effective Marketing: The Key to a Successful Mobile App Strategy

Let’s say you create a mobile app that ends up being downloaded by 50,000 people. Would you consider that a success? After all, that’s a pretty big number.  Well, it depends. After your app was downloaded, how many times did people use it? How many people are still using it? Is your app creating any [...]

Benefits of Mobile Apps: 5 Ways a Mobile App Can Help Your Small Business

Useful Tips from an iOS and Android Developer When you’re running a small business, one of your biggest responsibilities is accurately determining which endeavors you should invest in, and which ones you should avoid. And, while spending the time and money to develop a mobile app for your business might not seem like something that [...]

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Developing Relationships: How to Pick the Right Columbus Mobile App Developer

After you’ve spent your time conceptualizing, documenting, and funding your mobile app, you can’t hand it over to just any app developer and expect it turn out exactly as you had envisioned. That would be like hiring a painter for your house simply because they can hold a brush. There are a plethora of different [...]

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