What To Do When Your App Goes Down

Let’s say you’ve already created an app and uploaded it to the app store. Let’s also say it’s doing pretty well and you have yourself a sizable audience. Things are going great. Then, the unthinkable happens. You release a seemingly innocuous update for your app, and suddenly you’re getting an influx of complaints from customers [...]

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New Marketing Packages Available from FBombMedia

There’s much more to creating a successful mobile app than just coming up with a good idea. Even a flashy icon and a clever brand name only go so far. To be truly successful, your app needs to stand out from the crowd and attract people’s attention. And, once you have their attention, you need [...]

iOS or Android? Why Not Both?

When it comes to your mobile app, should you concentrate on iOS or Android development? After you’ve completed drawing up the plans for your app, you might have difficulty deciding which platform you’d like it to be developed for. Typically, you’ll want to choose from the big two, since they currently make up 96 percent [...]

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Thoughts on the iPhone 6 from an Android User

So I guess these iPhones are decent devices. That’s what everyone keeps telling me anyway. As an Android user, I’ve been hearing the same sales pitch from Apple adherents for years — the simplicity, the elegant design, the top-notch functionality, et cetera. After years of hearing about what I’m missing, I decided I would finally [...]