No, you do not need an Apple Developer Account to get started with Apptory.

However, to deploy your application to the cloud, you’ll need a paid Apptory subscription.

To submit your app to the App Store you’ll need both a paid Apptory subscription and a paid Apple Developer Program Membership.

Find out more about obtaining a paid Apple Developer Program Membership here.

All applications built with Apptory can only run on devices with iOS 10 installed.  We do not provide backwards compatibility to earlier iOS versions at this time.

Check out this great tutorial for tips on how to make a great looking iOS 10 app.

Unfortunately, you can’t just upload your graphics straight from the PSD (photoshop) file, they must be supplied individually and sized appropriately for each screen size you want to support.

Here is a useful article on how to prepare your images.

Note, you’ll have to load the images you want to use on to your iPad first so that they can be selected when using Apptory.  Try an article such as this to easily load your images on to your iPad so they’re ready to use.

While you don’t need to add anyone to your team to build your app with Apptory, you can find Apple’s official documentation on how to manage your developer team here.

There are no rules saying that you need it, but Facebook pages and web services are common place for mobile products.

To help you to save time and money, we’d suggest something similar to a GoDaddy Instapage, Wix, or WordPress templates to get you started.  No need for anything fancy.

A web service is a method of communication between two electronic devices via the internet.  If you want your app to be able to communicate between different users of your app, you’re going to need to incorporate web services.  Apptory does this automatically when you deploy your app to the cloud.

A Software Development Kit is typically a set of software development tools that allow for the creation of applications for a certain software package or software framework.  Apptory uses the latest SKDs provided by Apple to build your application.

A ‘Build’ is the term for the product of the compiled source code.  Source code is written in a language that humans can understand.  When it’s all finished, the code is run through a compiler and put into a new format that your iOS device can understand.

You can also think of a build like a version of your application ready to test.  Apptory will upload an individual build to iTunes Connect so that you can test it out, and if something needs changed, Apptory will recreate your application and upload a new build to iTunes Connect.

Research and marketing.  If you wrote a million dollar song you’re not going to get a penny if no one hears it, right?  While there’s a lot of good app ideas out there, that doesn’t mean they’ll all be successful.  Do some research on your idea, find out which apps are your competitors, make sure your app is differentiated, make sure it solves a need that is not already being met, know your potential customers, and know how to reach them once you’re app is finished.  An app is a real live product sitting out there on a virtual shelf with millions more.  Apptory will get your app to the store, but only you can figure out how to get people to download it.

When we build custom apps for our clients projects can last from 3 months up to 2 years!  So hopefully you’ll understand when we say you should expect to take around a month to develop your first application with Apptory.  Why?  Because creating complicated apps is complicated.  And while Apptory offers you the advantage of not needing to learn how to code or manage servers, there is a learning curve to making an app even with automation on your side.

Once your app is created you’ll want to spend a few weeks having potential users check it out with iTunes Test Flight program, providing you with valuable feedback about changes you might want to make before releasing your app to the public.  Depending on how many changes you want to make and how many rounds of testing you want to conduct, your complete app development life cycle might take even longer.

Preparation and planning.  When you take the time to prepare your project as much as possible before starting you will be happier with the outcome.  Developing apps is both a highly technical and highly creative process.  Research your target audience.  Ask them what features they would like.  Consult with a professional designer.  Have a marketing plan.  App development goes beyond the code.  And since Apptory takes care of the development for you, spend your extra effort on making sure the other parts of the app development process have been well thought out and executed.

There’s no way to guarantee that your app will pass Apple’s submission process, even if it is created with Apptory.  Therefore, a solid testing plan is the best prevention against a possible rejection.  With Apptory and iTunes Connect, you can amend and update your app an unlimited number of times before making an official submission to the App Store.  So take advantage!  Create your app, submit it to iTunes, run it past your testers using iTunes Connect TestFlight Program, and wait for the right build before submitting.

That being said, many apps are rejected due to some other violation of Apple’s submission guidelines.  If you are a registered developer, you can review the full Apple Submission Guidelines Here.

Apple has made significant improvements in speeding up the review process in 2016.  You can check out current review times here.

You can find everything you need to know about the details that need to be entered into iTunes Connect before submitting your Apptory app for review here.

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While all final products created with Apptory are owned by you and are yours to keep forever and ever (registered accounts, deployed servers, submitted IPA files, etc) the source code is proprietary and is unable to be released to the public at this time.  In the future we hope to release or sell source code to customers to allow further customization after patenting our automated development process.

Yes.  You’ll need at least one of the above devices if you would like to test your application before submitting it to the App Store.

You’ll be able to test your application by completing the Apptory process and submitting your app to iTunes Connect.  Once the build is in iTunes, you can add your email address as an internal tester, download the ‘test flight’ application to your device, and you’ll be able to quickly and easily download your Apptory app right to your phone without going through an official Apple review.

We highly recommend you thoroughly test your application on your own device!

You do not need a developer account to test an application.  However, someone with a paid Apple Developer Account must add your email address to the internal testing section of TestFlight in order for you to be able to test on your device.

Honestly, there are more straightforward DIY app makers out there, but a simple builder only builds simple apps.  Apptory is the ideal solution, removing the need to know how to write code but still allowing you to build complex and engaging apps that will stand out in today’s app market.

If something is troubling you, please reach out to us right away on our contact page and we’ll respond by posting a new FAQ, a new tutorial video, or by simply responding your problem individually.

In the future we may provide an additional layer of paid services where our in house developers build apps with Apptory for you.

The ‘splash’ screen or ‘launch’ screen, is the first screen the user will see while the app is initializing.

A good example of a splash screen is one that simply shows a name, logo, or other graphic presenting your company or app. However, due to the quick loading time of most apps it should not contain information like disclaimers or other content that will take time to read.  Apptory provides a default launch screen for you with the ability for light customization.


You can find Apple’s official documentation regarding icon sizes here.

Apptory requires that you supply at least the 120×120 icon file size before submitting your application, though it is recommended that you provide the other sizes as well to enhance the experience for your users.

When you upload your icon file, leave it square.  Apptory will take care of rounding the corners for you.

isores.com gives a great graphical representation of all the iOS screen sizes currently available.  Check it out here.

Note, currently Apptory only creates app for the iPhone.

That’s right, the final app, its associated servers and accounts, and all intellectual property associated with your idea are yours forever and ever.  We have no intention on trying to collect fees or percentages on live and profitable apps.


We do however retain the right to our proprietary source code, which is automatically generated with Apptory and used to create the final IPA file we use to submit your app.  Source code automatically generated with Apptory is not sold or repurposed in any way and is kept confidential to protect our own intellectual property rights.

Once your app is submitted to iTunes Connect via Apptory you can send it out to up to 25 internal testers without any official review by Apple.  Simply login to iTunes Connect, navigation to your specific app and click on internal testing.  Add up to 25 email addresses of your testers and make the specific build available for testing and those users will be automatically notified a new build is available.

Don’t forget to add yourself as a tester!

Here is some of Apple’s official documentation on testing with TestFlight.

Apple provides a separate service called iTunes Connect which will allow you to manage and edit all of your apps in a non-technical way.  After creating your iTunes Connect app with Apptory, you’ll be able to change screen shots, app descriptions, pricing, and other similar items before and after your app is submitted (except for during the actual review process).

More information on changing your apps meta data in iTunes Connect.

All you need is a paid Apple Developer account and an Apptory subscription to get an app on the app store.  You’re using Apptory so you don’t have to bother with the technical side right?

Xcode is free to download from the Mac app store and you can have fun in the Swift Playgrounds, but at this time we won’t be able to release source code of your Apptory app to play around with.  We apologize for the inconvenience while we work out ways to protect our IP on the automated app development process.

Yes!  Apptory is free to download and you can start creating your first app right away with just a email address and password to create your Apptory account.

However, you’ll need both a paid Apple Developer Program membership and paid subscription to Apptory before you can submit your application to iTunes Connect or the App Store.

You are required to complete a contracts and banking section in your developer account before you can release your app to the app store. Apple will release your earnings directly to you through direct deposit.

Apptory is not involved in the payment process in any way.  You can manage everything from your pricing to your payment preferences by logging in to your iTunes Connect account.

Apple will retain 30% of your app store sales and in app purchases.  Therefore, you will receive approximately $0.70 for each $1.00 in sales.

Apple has set new pricing for subscription models, taking 30% only in the first year and taking a lighter 15% cut each subsequent year the user stays subscribed.

After creating your app in iTunes Connect with Apptory, you can login to your iTunes Connect account to manage the pricing for your own app.

You will be required to get an Apple developer account before Apptory can submit your app on your behalf to the App Store. The cost is $99/year.

Find out more about enrolling here.

While we can’t reveal all our secrets, Apptory uses native Apple software tools and development languages to create your app.  Namely, Xcode 8 and Swift 3.  The app industry changes quickly and dynamically, staying native allows Apptory to provide you with the latest features created by Apple themselves.

Your app will also launch using a number of open source projects.  You can find an up to date list of these projects and links to their licenses within the FAQ section of the Apptory app itself.

FbombMedia has been creating custom mobile applications for clients all around the world for 6+ years, taking part in the development of over 75 custom applications and participating in projects at various levels of development, from the ground floor to post-release updates.

Imagine every time you decided to change your welcome message on the home screen of your app you needed to email your developer, wait until Monday for them to reply, go back and forth until you agree that the modifications will overrun the budget by a couple hours, wait another 3 days while they work in changes for another client before they can get to yours, and then you finally get a test build on your phone only to see that the wording of the text is different than what you had sent them?

Even the most professional developers have communication delays and days where life just gets in the way.  Automated development gives you full control over your content.

Just like any product you put out to the public, the amount of money your app will ultimately bring in depends on your efforts before and after the project is completed.

Before your app is released, you should have a clear idea of who your audience is and how your app will benefit them. After the application has been made publicly available, you need to make sure consumers know it’s there! If you don’t know your target audience and don’t have a plan how you will market to them, your app could just end up buried in the millions of others available for download.  We’ve created Apptory to help would-be app creators get their app on the App Store with less cost, therefore less risk if your app doesn’t reach your audience as well as you originally intended.

But if your app receives no attention then it’s not necessarily a signal to give up!  Do further customer development and build the features they want, not the features YOU think they want!

Click here for tips on how to promote your app.

Apple’s App Store boasted 2 million apps as of June, 2016 according to statista.

With the creation of Apptory, our flagship product for automated mobile app development.  You can now skip the wireframe process and go straight into app development.  Apptory’s drag and drop interface allows you to essentially wireframe your app as you go.

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