Once you’ve had a successful app launch, you may feel like taking a break to bask in your accomplishments. Go ahead, you’ve earned it.

However, it’s important to avoid the ‘one and done’ mentality when it comes to making apps. You can’t let your app stagnante if you expect it to be popular over a long period of time.

Regardless of how stable or well liked your app is, if you want to keep it fresh and regularly used by your customer base, you’ll want to update it from time to time, just to give it a fresh coat of paint.

Here are a few updates you can make to your app:


Bug fixes

If your app is absolutely free of bugs or quirks, congratulations, you’ve nearly done the impossible. However, if you’re not some sort of programming savant (like most of us) your app probably has a few little flaws that can be fixed.

Check out any customer feedback streams you have to see what people are talking about. If a group of people are all talking about a single issue, it’s probably worth looking at.


Friendlier UI

Your existing UI might not be bad, and in fact, it might even be good. However, there is always room for improvement. If you’re not sure where to start, ask yourself the following questions about your own app:

  • Can multiple steps be combined into one?
  • Can menu navigation be improved?
  • Are there better colors you can use to make certain features stand out?
  • Is anything confusing or counterintuitive?


Adding features

Whether it’s integrating social media, networking with other related apps, or adding in a GPS location feature, adding a new element to your app is a great way to get people to download your app for the first time, or to get existing customers to open it again to see what the new additions are.


Performance increases

Even if your app is devoid of any bugs or flaws, you can still clean up the code to allow for faster loading and better optimization. Go through your app screen by screen and figure out where improvements can be made when it comes to loading, speed, and network performance. Businesses in need of monitoring services for their networks, to understand where all the shortcomings are located, may want to check out ThousandEyes who, amongst other things, can provide a dns performance test.


Revenue incentives

If you released your app for free, and it ended up becoming a huge hit, you might kick yourself for not having made any money off of it. However, by updating your app with new, valuable features and putting them behind a paywall, customers may be willing to upgrade to a paid version of your app for a nominal fee.

Just make sure not to remove or restrict any existing features behind a paywall, as that will only accomplish to anger your existing customer base.


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