What We’ve Been Up To: October at FBombMedia

A successful October came and went in a flash. Now we’re heading into November with a full slate of projects, as well as a growing staff. First off, we’d like to announce the arrival of our new Operations Manager, Been Chin. Been joined the FBombMedia team in early October, and immediately got to work testing [...]

How to Create an App in Dropbox

When working with developers to create an app, it’s vital that you establish a reliable, discreet method of communication with your team. By linking your app with Dropbox, you can easily send and receive files that can be accessed or shared again both inside and outside the program. Dropbox is an inexpensive and easy-to-use program [...]

To Patent, or Not To Patent: Mobile Apps & Intellectual Property Rights

Design, development, submission, marketing: all are vital elements of a successful app release plan — and all could be made meaningless if you fail to secure your intellectual property rights. App entrepreneurs have a variety of methods from which to choose when attempting to secure claims to their software, the most prominent of which are [...]

How to Set Up an Account and App on Parse

If cost and time-to-market become concerns during your app’s development (and unless you’re working with very deep pockets, they probably will be) you may want to consider a partnership with a backend as a service (BaaS) provider. These services, including the subject of this post, Parse, cover elements that require requests for information and actions [...]

Here’s Some of What We Were Up To in September

A busy summer is in the books, and fall promises to be an even more active — not that we’re complaining of course! We’re in the finishing stages of three major development projects — apps for enterprise messaging, social media, and nightclub reservations — and we’re very excited about each one. We’ll pass along more [...]

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Should You Release Your App on iOS or Android First?

With apologies to Windows Phone and Blackberry, if you’re thinking about creating a mobile app, you’re probably going to launch on iOS or Android first. But which platform is the best option for your app’s initial release (assuming you’re not planning to launch on both concurrently)? Like all elements of development, the answer depends on [...]

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Know Your Target Audience: Mobile App Development Tips

Know your audience. Those three words are offered as advise to entrepreneurs in every field of business. For a mobile app creator, the accurate identification of a target market is especially important because of the lack of face-to-face sales opportunities. Bottom line: if you want consumers to take it upon themselves to download your app, [...]

Columbus App Developers: Making Noise in the Mobile Marketplace

The economic landscape of the Midwest is littered with victims of the Digital Revolution — cities unprepared or unwilling to adapt to the technological, political, and cultural changes of the new millennium. But while so many of its neighbors have faltered, Columbus has thrived thanks in large part to the efforts of established giants in [...]

Spreading the Word: A Mobile App Promotion Guide

When the development of your mobile app is finally completed, it’s time to celebrate… for about five seconds! You still have a lot of work to do to make sure your app becomes a known commodity within the mobile marketplace. After all, even the best app in the world won’t do its publisher any good [...]

Mobile App Success Stories: A Deer, a Crash, and an Epiphany

We begin our series of mobile app success stories with a look at Chad Mureta, who overcame a serious obstacle to become a major figure in the industry. Read Mureta's story, and check out his advice to FBombMedia readers who are thinking about a career in mobile entrepreneurship. The butterfly effect tells us that major events [...]