10 Mobile App Development Myths

Is the app development road paved with gold (or at least Bitcoins)? Do you need to secure a spot at MIT to make it as a mobile developer? There seem to be as many opinions about the prospects of new developers as there are smartphone users waiting to download new apps. Some see app stores [...]

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Supply Sources: iPhone 6 Screen Production in Overdrive

A last-minute redesign has suppliers rushing to produce screens for the much-anticipated iPhone 6 less than a month before its expected unveiling, according to Reuters. Supply chain sources said production of the phone’s 4.7-inch screens (a 5.5-inch version is also expected) was halted so that an extra layer of backlight film could be added to [...]

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How to Register an App with Instagram

To make sure your app reaches its full potential, you need to take advantage of the features and promotional opportunities presented by popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Chances are you already know that. But do you know how to make it happen? If not, don’t worry, we’re here to help! Social operators [...]

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Spreading the Word: A Mobile App Promotion Guide

When the development of your mobile app is finally completed, it’s time to celebrate… for about five seconds! You still have a lot of work to do to make sure your app becomes a known commodity within the mobile marketplace. After all, even the best app in the world won’t do its publisher any good [...]

Mobile App Success Stories: A Deer, a Crash, and an Epiphany

We begin our series of mobile app success stories with a look at Chad Mureta, who overcame a serious obstacle to become a major figure in the industry. Read Mureta's story, and check out his advice to FBombMedia readers who are thinking about a career in mobile entrepreneurship. The butterfly effect tells us that major events [...]

Get to Know iTunes Connect: Your One-Stop Shop for App Management

The creation of an app is only the first step on the road to success in the mobile marketplace. A long and rewarding stay on the App Store requires a lot of work and attention. Luckily, Apple has provided a one-stop-shop for all your app management needs: iTunes Connect. Through iTunes Connect, you’ll be able [...]

The Wireframe: Your Blueprint for a Big-Time App

Your app idea may look great inside your head, but even the most talented developer won’t be able to crawl in there to take a look. Don’t worry though, a detailed wireframe will allow you to communicate your thoughts just as clearly, and who really wants someone peeking around their head anyway? While wireframing (basically, [...]

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Prep Makes Perfect: How to Analyze Your Mobile Strategy

You know why you want to launch a mobile app, and you know how to launch one. Now, it’s time to strategize! The most important decisions that will occur during development will take place before any coding is done. These include: what you want your app to look like, how you want it to work, [...]

How to Register as an Apple Developer (iOS)

So you’ve got a head full of iOS development knowledge and you’re ready to put it to use building the next Earth-shattering app. That’s great, but before you can become an App Store superstar, you have to register as a developer. It’s easy — and relatively inexpensive — to develop apps using Apple’s iOS offerings. [...]

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How to Register Your Device with Testflight

You’ve hired a developer to build your mobile app, but you want to make sure you're heavily involved in the project. Fortunately, you can ensure that you stay in the loop by gaining access to your app via Testflight. With Testflight, developers can distribute beta versions of apps to their clients and others to ensure that projects [...]

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