Freemium, Paid, or Ad-Supported: Which App Monetization Strategy is Right For You?

App developers create programs for a variety of reasons — community service, agenda-advancement, love of technology. But for most, the motivation behind the release of an app is the same as the majority of publicly-available products: to make money. But where creators of tangible products follow — for the most part — traditional paths of [...]

How to Set Up an Account with Twilio

While many services can allow you to send info to your users via push notifications, Twilio gives you the power to reach people who have yet to install your app through SMS texts. By incorporating Twilio into your app, you’ll be able to send important information — including invitation links — to consumers outside of [...]

Why Track Mobile App Analytics?

While analytics tracking has long been accepted as a necessary component of a successful web strategy, the practice is just picking up steam within the mobile app community. Those developers who are still on the fence about making a serious commitment to analytics tracking risk ceding important ground to their competitors, so if you're preparing to [...]

What We’ve Been Up To: October at FBombMedia

A successful October came and went in a flash. Now we’re heading into November with a full slate of projects, as well as a growing staff. First off, we’d like to announce the arrival of our new Operations Manager, Been Chin. Been joined the FBombMedia team in early October, and immediately got to work testing [...]

How to Create an App in Dropbox

When working with developers to create an app, it’s vital that you establish a reliable, discreet method of communication with your team. By linking your app with Dropbox, you can easily send and receive files that can be accessed or shared again both inside and outside the program. Dropbox is an inexpensive and easy-to-use program [...]

How to Register an App with Flurry

The process of achieving success in the mobile marketplace is a fluid one that requires constant analysis of audience members’ behavior and levels of satisfaction. If you want to take maximize your software’s reach and popularity, you’ll need to gain access to key analytic data, like acquisitions, activations, and revenue, and then use that information [...]

Third-Party Keyboards Have Arrived on iOS — Here’s What Developers Should Know

Now that Apple has opened the door for third-party keyboards as part of its iOS 8 release, the demand for customizable typing options is growing among mobile users. Several iOS developers have released keyboard apps for iPhones and iPads, while Android programmers have been doing so for years. If you’re interested in throwing your hat in [...]

To Patent, or Not To Patent: Mobile Apps & Intellectual Property Rights

Design, development, submission, marketing: all are vital elements of a successful app release plan — and all could be made meaningless if you fail to secure your intellectual property rights. App entrepreneurs have a variety of methods from which to choose when attempting to secure claims to their software, the most prominent of which are [...]

Component Rundown: iOS UIKit Framework

Apple’s UIKit framework provides iOS developers with a grab-bag of popular components they can utilize to make their apps more appealing to users. UIKit components not only offer familiarity, but also basic functionality that can simplify your app and make the program more enjoyable to use, in turn making it more likely to stick around on [...]

How to Set Up an Account and App on Parse

If cost and time-to-market become concerns during your app’s development (and unless you’re working with very deep pockets, they probably will be) you may want to consider a partnership with a backend as a service (BaaS) provider. These services, including the subject of this post, Parse, cover elements that require requests for information and actions [...]