App Store Optimization: Make the Most of Your Spot on the Digital Shelf

Your app will never hit a grocery store shelf (well, probably not) but some common in-store marketing practices — packaging, location, product name — can be just as vital to success in the digital marketplace as they are at your local supermarket. Provided you prepare properly, it’s not terribly difficult to gain acceptance to Apple’s [...]

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Need Help? Check Out These iOS and Android Development Blogs

An app development project is a complicated undertaking that can be made much easier and more efficient when tackled as a collaboration. But what should you do if you’re jumping into the fray without the benefit of a development team, or if you have problem that your coworkers can’t help you solve? One answer lies [...]

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Freemium, Paid, or Ad-Supported: Which App Monetization Strategy is Right For You?

App developers create programs for a variety of reasons — community service, agenda-advancement, love of technology. But for most, the motivation behind the release of an app is the same as the majority of publicly-available products: to make money. But where creators of tangible products follow — for the most part — traditional paths of [...]

Will Adaptivity Fuel the Growth of Retail Apps in 2015?

Mobile apps typically dominate users’ time with their smartphones and tablets, except in the world of retail, where websites still reign supreme. Experts believe that trend may shift in the coming year, however, if enough retailers design their apps to cater to consumers’ specific wants and needs, according to BizReport. Nearly 1-in-5 current smartphone owners [...]

How to Set Up a Google Custom Search API for Your App

It seems like no one "searches" on the Internet anymore -- they Google. When a tech service has achieved that level of cultural prevalence, its inclusion in an app can not only enhance the experiences of that program's users, but can boost perceptions of its legitimacy as well. Fortunately, Google makes it easy for app creators to add custom search [...]

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Better Safe Than Sorry: How to Validate Your App Idea

All great apps begin life in the same way — as great ideas. Conversely, while not-so-great apps also start out as ideas, many are seriously overrated by their creators, leading to a lot of wasted time and money. In order to snuff out bad ideas before they become unpopular apps (and financial albatrosses), smart developers [...]

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How to Set Up an Account with Twilio

While many services can allow you to send info to your users via push notifications, Twilio gives you the power to reach people who have yet to install your app through SMS texts. By incorporating Twilio into your app, you’ll be able to send important information — including invitation links — to consumers outside of [...]

10 Things Every App Developer Hears All the Time

Don't get us wrong, we love our jobs!  Making apps can be fun and exciting.  We get to work on the forefront of technology and try to change the world in new ways.  But it can also be a huge headache to constantly combat technical struggles and meet increasing demands and expectations of our rapidly [...]

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iOS App Extensions: Communication is Key

Among the most impactful features of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 8, is the platform’s long-awaited support for app extensions. Extensions give developers the opportunity to establish communication between their apps and other programs, improving the experiences of users by linking their device’s software. “It's a way for you to extend the system and [...]

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Native vs Hybrid vs Web: Which is the Right App For You?

Mobile development is like life: make the right choices, and you can do great things. Make the wrong choices, and… well, just try to make the right choices. App creators, of course, have several choices to make before the development of their projects can get off the ground. One of the most important involves the [...]

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