An app development project is a complicated undertaking that can be made much easier and more efficient when tackled as a collaboration. But what should you do if you’re jumping into the fray without the benefit of a development team, or if you have problem that your coworkers can’t help you solve?

One answer lies in the fraternity of app creators — specifically, free-to-use blogs maintained by tech enthusiasts happy to share the benefits of their experiences with the rest of the development community.

You can find several helpful development blogs via a simple Google search, but we’ll make it easy on you by listing some of the best sites for information on iOS and Android creation.


NSHipster: Six programmers work together to pack NSHipster with a consistent stream of content. Posts are grouped according to subject (Cocoa, Swift, Xcode, etc.) allowing for quick, efficient access to iOS development news and tips.

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objc: This blog was started by three developers in Berlin, and has since grown to include contributions from dozens of authors and programmers from around the world. objc is published once a month, with each issue highlighting a specific topic examined in multiple articles.

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Cocoa is My Girlfriend: Besides boasting the best name on this list, Cocoa is My Girlfriend (CIMG) is the work of a team of four entrepreneurs/developers who specialize in iOS. The blog provides helpful insight from the perspectives of mobile business owners that is easily accessed due to its categorization by both subject and date.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 12.52.02 PM Unlike most the previous entries, The vast majority of the content found on Mike Ash’s blog is provided by a single person. But despite the heavy workload, Ash offers valuable insight into some of the more complicated aspects of iOS development, but takes care to present the information in a way that’s easy to follow and implement.

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Ray Wenderlich: Geared largely toward beginners, The Wenderlich blog offers video tutorials that provide step-by-step instruction on key features on Swift and Objective C. The blog’s content is posted by an ever-expanding group of contributors, each of whom possesses expertise in at least one of several pre-defined areas of emphasis.

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Android Developers Blog: The official blog of Android is a great resource for the latest news and tips related to Google’s popular platform. The blog is updated several times per month, and is loaded with screenshots and links to larger articles.

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Android Weekly: This free newsletter is sent to subscribers every week, and contains not only articles, but also tutorials, job postings, and information about Android development conferences. Readers are encouraged to submit content ideas to Android Weekly, ensuring a steady stream of relevant posts.

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Styling Android: Maintained with impressive consistency by developer Mark Allison, Styling Android focuses the application of styles and themes to Android software. Users can easily find posts on a wide variety of subjects via on-site search and categorization features.

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Vogella: Much more than a blog, Vogella offers access to tutorials, books, training courses, and much more — all at no up-front cost to users. Based in Germany, Vogella employs six industry experts who provide valuable original content, as well as links to outside sources of information on Android development.

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Android Hive: A straightforward blog from programmer Ravi Tamada, Android Hive is a great resource for any Android developers, but it’s especially beneficial for those who are new to the platform. Its easy-to-follow tutorials highlight popular features that end up as key components of many successful apps.

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Do you know of any great development blogs that aren’t mentioned here? Tell us about them in the comments section!